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Jade Eos

Silver Touch Natural Deodorant

Silver Touch Natural Deodorant

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The search for the perfect deodorant is over, the one that protects your sensitive skin and adapts to you all day long. You will fall in love with
Silver Touch, it is different, it is the definitive one, it will be your new daily essential. It is our natural deodorant with intelligent formula with silver microparticles, its innovative formula offers you high hours of efficacy and protection. Silver ions soothe irritated skin, restore the skin's balance and protect it from odour-causing bacteria and micro-organisms. Its silky smoothness on contact with the skin is perfect, it melts in very softly and absorbs immediately, taking care of you for hours. You deserve the best of the good: Silver Touch.


65 grams | Suitable for pregnant women | Vegan and cruelty free formula | Free of essential oils | Aluminium-free and alcohol-free | Designed for sensitive skin | Dermatologically tested | With silver ions | With silver ions

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